Post 9: The Magic of Post-Its

You know, sometimes I’m grateful for online school. I don’t have to worry about my outfit, I can get a snack when I’m hungry, but most of all, no one can see the bunches of post-its that I have from every major event in my life.

The oldest post-it I have is from 2014. Back in the day, I had a quote wall in the basement above where my desk used to be, and I would write funny things my friends would say once in a while. Though I don’t have a picture of the wall, it got to be HUGE since I kept it up for about 4 years until school started getting harder and no one was saying funny, quote wall worthy things anymore. But nonetheless, being my friend from 2014–2018 meant that you were probably going to get a post-it on the wall at some point. Even my teachers would make it up on my wall, and I’d come in the next day telling them what a great achievement it was that they said something funny enough that it warranted being written down for the rest of time. But since I stopped doing that, I’ve just had a bunch of post-its floating around my desk all the time, as well as some post-its taking up a good chunk of space in my camera roll.

In my final blog post for WRIT150, I will be taking a trip down memory lane with some of the post-its I managed to take a picture of, hopefully churning out an enjoyable story along the way.

Okay, this first one is cheating a little bit. These aren’t my post-its. But I did take this picture.

It was January 2018 and I was hired to be a photographer for my friend’s Sweet Sixteen (or rather, Sour Sixteen as the whole party was neon/sour candy themed). This was my fourth or so time getting hired to be a professional photographer and I was still kind of getting the hang of it all. As you can tell by the picture, I didn’t really get the colors exactly right because at this point during the party, I was just trying to make sure I had a camera with a memory card that was working. But even so, I managed to get an okay picture that she ended up liking so I thought of this as a win.

I ended up receiving one of those gift bags as well, since I was invited to the party already as a friend but got promoted to photographer a few days before, so I kept the post-it that had my name on it for a little while. I don’t know who wrote it, but I have never seen my name written in such great handwriting before.

For those who read my WP2 article Film and an Escape: “Lemonhead” (2018), this might look familiar to you. This is a screenshot from my friend’s Snapchat story of a behind the scenes look at “Lemonhead,” aka the film that we made in 24 hours that ended up getting me into the School of Cinematic Arts at USC. More on that film in the link above.

The original plan (I believe) for this prop was to have actual post-its. But because it was too small to for the camera to pick up, we ended up making fake post-its out of construction paper (arguably the worst kind of paper out there, by the way. Why does it feel like that?). It’s an honorary post-it and I felt like including it in my post-it article because it’s cute and imagine paying $20 for a glass of lemonade.

Finally, pictured above are three post-its from my two chemistry teachers from high school. In their class, we’d have a folder with our work that we’d turn in every day for them to check that we were on track with our labs. One day, I walked into class, grabbed my folder, and saw these three post-its inside. I felt ready to cry. These little things made my day and made me feel so appreciated. On top of that, I’m not a STEM-oriented person, so seeing things like that from STEM teachers made me feel validated, like even though I’m not the best at science, I could still do well in their class. And I did, ending up with an A overall at the end of the school year.

This is noteworthy (ha!) not only because of how sweet the notes are, but also because these two teachers believed in me. They actively believed in me. They took the time out of their day to write me such sweet notes in my folder and they encouraged me until the very end. One of them still insists that even though I’m a filmmaker, I’m going to be president someday. I’m not going to ever do that because I don’t like politics, but I still remember that comment to this day, 4 years later.

Actually, scratch what I said earlier. Online school can be good and all, but what really makes me happy are those little pieces of paper that I can hold onto forever, made by people I see in person. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to see all my friends again, and hand out post-its of my own to everyone I see.